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What does B2B/Wholesale purchase mean ?

Most customers order from Jootjes Haakcadeautjes as a guest or with a standard customer account. At Jootjes Haakcadeautjes, we have chosen to keep the website public even though we are a wholesale business. Our products and prices are therefore immediately visible to everyone. Therefore, you can already order directly from the website, both business and private. We chose this because most clients first start out on a short-term hobby basis and progress to that of self-employment. In this way, everyone can get right to the point and get started and we remain easily findable online.

Of course, there is still a big difference between a hobby customer and a fully business customer in the degree of purchase and also, for example, whether or not you as a customer are interested in being an official reseller of our baby accessories. That’s why we set up the B2B. With the B2B, you get an additional discount for larger purchases (which we consider appropriate for corporate/wholesale purchases) and direct access to our reseller pricing.

Therefore, the prices you see on the website are our standard business prices (except for our baby accessories). You are right, this means that individuals could also purchase our materials directly. But we know from practice that private take-up is minimal. Therefore, you do not have to worry about clouding the market. This is because as you have probably also experienced, making teething toys involves more. Consider the guidelines (the EN-12586 for pacifier cords and EN-71 and CE certification for teething rings).

Thus, in addition to purchasing directly, it is possible to apply for a B2B/Wholesale account with us. This account offers a bonus discount to our regular customers who purchase larger. Consider a regular order size of more than 100 euros. Another possible reason for requesting a B2B is if you are interested in our baby accessories. You will immediately receive the business purchase prices for this. To obtain a B2B account, it is not strictly necessary for us that you are already registered with the Chamber of Commerce or have a VAT number as long as it is verifiable for us that you purchase the products not for your own use but for resale. 

We check this by looking at your channel of resale (for example, Instagram, Facebook or website). Almost 100% of our customers for baby teething toy materials are business customers or startups. We have therefore decided to keep the site public and not delimit it because, as far as we are concerned, there is no further need for this.

Are you a regular customer or planning to place larger orders regularly or are you interested in our baby accessories? Then apply for a B2B/wholesale account now for additional bonus discounts/our buying prices for baby accessories. First, create a basic account and then fill out the form (step 2). We will then receive your application form and will review the information in it and see if you qualify for a B2B account.

Request form:

Complete this form to have your account converted to a B2B account upon approval

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    Should you have any questions about B2B purchase received please also contact us, of course. Apart from contact via email, you can always reach us very quickly via Instagram, Facebook, Phone and/or Whatsapp.

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